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There are many things you should consider in our world of technology. Technology is a wonderful tool for your good and for your harm.

These are some things to consider how technology is being use to monitor you and then control you.

Some concepts are presented to give a basic overview.

Some concepts are shown how ShofarNexus can be used for your protection.

Using ShofarNexus or not, these are things you should consider.

If you are interested in being involved or using the technology, please email us to start a dialog.

Comments, Questions, and Corrections are requested and welcome.


Consider ShofarNexus

Consider an Untraceable Cellphone

Consider Phone Services

Consider Social Media

Consider Self-Issued Credit

Consider Email

Consider Media Services

Consider a Comment Service

Consider a Book

Consider Censorship

Consider Filtering

Consider Hyper-Security

Consider Distributed Communications and Computers

Consider Matryoshka

Consider Private Routing

Consider Invisible Networking

Consider Rootless Domains

Consider a Single Program and Operating System

Consider Public Domain

Consider the Demo Website

Consider being Mentored