Freedom is not Free! Fighting Back, Step One
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Freedom is not Free! Fighting Back, Step One

Many videos are now online from ShofarNexus showing how your security and privacy have been taken from you or how you gave them up. Now it is time to talk about fighting back.

What will be reviewed is the method, your involvement, and the plans.

The intent is to provide periodic short video updates to indicate progress, answer questions, and broaden our reach. Please share the links to these videos.

There is a fundamental difference in the ShofarNexus approach. ShofarNexus is not a company but a technology, there is no entity to invest in so you can make a profit from the work of others, but you are being called to take part as a user and perhaps as an independent provider of services. Investment is needed to get us fully operational and that also needs to be addressed.

What does ShofarNexus bring to the table?

ShofarNexus provides the tools to communicate securely and privately with standard techniques, from email, SMS text, phone calls, video services and social media. It also allows for a hyper-secure mode where all communications with parties also using ShofarNexus is completely private, untraceable, and does not require ICANN based domains or routing. In the hyper-secure mode, you are completely private including from ShofarNexus itself, and cannot be taken down by corporate or government authorities.

The vital ingredient in the ShofarNexus solution is the Portfolio. A portfolio is simply data, but it is your data and even when stored on third party machines, it remains your data alone, not by policy but by technology. Remember, when a third party, such as Google, Facebook or Twitter, has your data, they have it in the raw form and they own it. When you have a Portfolio, the data remains yours and yours only by technology, and you are the only one who can decide what to share, if anything.

If all goes well we will have portfolios completely operational by the end of 2018, and you are invited to be a part now to make it happen.

Become a ShofarNexus user by obtaining a Portfolio for $5 a month. We will be offering semi-secure services as of October 2018 starting with our rootless domain technology, web feeds (RSS) and email. From there SMS text and voice calls should come online as well as video services.

In order to help us raise funds to get us fully operational, all funds deposited now will be credited with twice the value deposited until we reach $20,000. If you want to see it happen and are willing to invest $5 to $5,000, go to and click on the “User” or “Investor” button. Doing it today would be helpful.

People are also needed to provide the services, as ShofarNexus is designed to be run by completely independent providers and there are no fees paid or allegiance required to a central authority.

If you are interested in being a provider, since the technology is incomplete, a deal is being offered for the first 50 providers so you can provide services and generate your own revenue. Go to and click on the Provider button.

If you have marketing abilities beyond my own, which is probably the majority, consider being part of spreading the word. In this case contact me directly at

If you wonder if this is pie-in-the-sky or wishful thinking from a novice, consider the companion video also released today on the DNS tool built into ShofarNexus. For the geek in you or the geek you know, consider the quality and clarity of the tool. These tools are slowly being applied to all of the low level communications services in ShofarNexus. What is being offered is the ability to see and know your data. Nothing is being hidden so only the professionals can see, but your data and your communications are fully in your hands.

Feel free to play with the tools now at the demo site at It isn’t flashy or 100% complete, but it is technically sound.

Remember, security and privacy is not a game. If you take it seriously, or want to have the technology available for those who are in serious need, please consider being a part by investing, using, or providing services. Don’t wait for tomorrow to start, but let’s use tomorrow to deliver.








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